Chris James

Music + Sound Design

Chris James is a music and sound design composer based in Austin, Texas. A University of Texas Film School graduate and native of Austin, he spent his youth in the late 80’s perfecting radio mix-tapes and plugging crappy guitars into 4-track recorders. After playing in hardcore bands throughout high school, he wrangled his first Pro Tools rig in 2001. In college, he progressed to producing and recording bands, video editing, and collecting synthesizers and gear via working in the pro audio department of a local music shop. Shortly after moving to Brooklyn in the mid 00’s to intern at an award winning commercial music house, he began composing music for commercials and film full-time, having scored over 200 nationally airing commercial spots. His current studio is back in Austin, blocks away from his favorite vintage synth store.

Chris is also half of the band/production duo darkDARK, along with Genevieve Vincent.

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